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Week 1  ( 12/2022)

“Hug My Inner Child” Expressive Arts Therapy Oriented Theatre (ExArtOTheatre) Improvisation Experiential Workshop

治療師Therapist :
鄧智珊 Canna Tang
(表達藝術治療師 Expressive Arts Therapist)



日期Date: 16/12/2022 (五)
時間Time: 7:00 - 9:00 PM
對象Target: 成年人 Adults (15名)
語言Language: 粵語及英語 Cantonese and English

1. Canna (16_12_2022).png

每個人心裡都住了一個小孩。你知道自己心中的小孩過得好嗎?感到安全嗎?或是脆弱而敏 感?你可曾想過給予自己一個藝術空間、一點創作時間好好了解那長駐你心的孩子,聆聽他/她 的需要?

此工作坊為冬日文化節的閉幕演出《住我心的那位孩子(暫名)》表達藝術治療導向劇場的創作導引 體驗工作坊,參加者可於工作坊中體驗演出的部分創作過程,並嘗試以多元藝術方法與內在小孩 重新聯繫,真誠感受那住我心中的孩子。

We all have a kid that lives within our heart. Have you ever tried to connect with the little kid? Do you know if he/she feels safe? Or being fragile and vulnerable? Let’s give an art space and some creative time for that little kid and listen very carefully to his/her needs.

This workshop is an experiential session of the creative process of the closing Expressive Arts Therapy Oriented Theatre performance - “The child who lives within me” of this cultural festival. Participants can try to experience the creative process of ExArtOTheatre in different art forms, to genuinely feel and connect with the kid that lives within our heart.

‘The Body Song’ A Dramatic Body Percussion Workshop

治療師 Therapist:
林適一 Derek Lum
(表達藝術治療師 Expressive Arts Therapist)

日期Date: 19/12/2022 (一)
時間Time: 7:00 - 9:00 PM
對象Target: 成年人 Adults(12名)

語言Language:粵語 Cantonese

Be Together EXA Festival 2022 Poster(Winter version)FB banner.jpg

我們常以語言與人連繫,但身體在過程中其實扮演了更重要的角色。身體打擊樂,是人類最原始 的樂器,最原始的溝通方式,是透過拍打身體發出聲響的敲擊樂。在這個工作坊,在即興劇場的 框格下,我們會透過簡單的身體打擊樂,探索自己喜歡與人連結的方式。

We usually connect with others by language, somehow your body is in fact playing a more important role in the process. Body percussion is the most primitive musical instrument human beings have and the most primitive way to connect people. It is a way to make rhythmic music by patting different parts of the body. In this workshop, we will use body percussion in a framework of improvisational theater, exploring your most comfortable ways to connect with others.

“Begin With Body” Partner Yoga (For Single Persons Only)

帶領嘉賓 Guest Facilitator:Water Ho (JWYoga 創辦人)
Little Live Demonstration Helper :鄧智珊 Canna Tang (表達藝術治療師 Expressive Arts Therapist)


日期Date: 20/12/2022 (二)
時間Time: 7:00 - 9:00 PM
對象Target: 單身成年人 Single Adults (20名)
語言Language: 粵語 Cantonese


3. Water _ Canna (20_12_2022).png

Partner yoga 不再只是情侶/夫妻的專利!由認識瑜伽,到擴闊社交圈子,這工作坊是專為單身人 士設計的雙人瑜伽!導師Water 經過多年鑽研及教授雙人瑜伽,編制出一個適合不同程度人士都 可以玩的課堂。此Yoga Party中導師會帶領大家由單人瑜伽開始,先令大家認識不同的瑜伽動作, 繼而進行抽籤分組的團體遊戲(分別會有六人,四人及二人的分組),和大家嘗試很多不同的團體 動作。


Partner Yoga is not only eligible for couples! This workshop brings you the partner yoga designed for single persons to not only know more about yoga but expand your social circle. Tutor Water designed the curriculum which suits most people with different levels of experiences with Yoga. In this yoga party, Water will start with doing individual yoga movements to let everyone know more about yoga first, and then she will lead us to different pairings (6 ppl, 4ppl and 2 ppl in a group respectively), and try different team movements.

Let’s reward yourself for your hard work this whole year, with this chance for meeting new people, opening your body and mind as well as your new social life.

“Space Before Leave & Stay” the memories of Hong Kong Expressive Arts Workshop


治療師 Therapist:
李慧莊 Janet Li (表達藝術治療師 Expressive Arts Therapist)

日期Date: 21/12/2022 (三)
時間Time:7:00 - 9:00 PM

對象Target: 成年人 Adults (15名, 九十至千禧年代居於香港、準備離港的成年人)
語言Language: 粵語 Cantonese

4. Janet (21_12_2022) (2).png

工作坊讓大家回憶九十至千禧年代的香港時光,從環境的記憶到個人的經歷、由過去到現在,以藝術創作探索未來的去路。參加者會以一隻磁碟(Floppy Disk)作為創作基礎材料,以視覺藝術及文字創作,紀錄及探索自己的生命軌跡。


The workshop allows everyone to recall the time in Hong Kong from the 1990s and the2000s, from environmental memories to personal experiences, from the past to the present, and explore the future path through arts creation. Participants will use a Floppy Disk as the basic material for creation, by using visual art and words, record and explore their own life trajectories.

"Free To Be Me" Expressive Arts Christmas Party


治療師 Therapist: HKEXAT ALL 全體仝人


日期Date: 23/12/2022 (五)

對象Target: 大眾人士 General Public (10名)
語言Language: 任何你喜歡的語言 Whatever Language You Like

5. HKEXAT ALL (23_12_2022).png

派對中也愛一個人過?派對中享受寧靜角落?抑或享受做Party King or Queen?想於舞池中成為 目光焦點?無論你喜歡怎樣的自己,在HKEXAT的聖誕派對中,每一個你、妳、我、他和她都會被抱 擁、尊重和欣賞。

派對中將設有藝術區、一個人靜下區、吃喝玩樂區、舞動區等,讓我們在多元和選擇中享受一個 (終於)可以勇敢做獨特的自己,卻又能互相陪伴的派對。

Enjoy partying alone? Enjoy the quiet space even in the party? Or simply wanna be Party King or Queen? Looking for all the attention on the dance floor? Whoever you are or you want yourself to be, in the Christmas Party of HKEXAT, every single one of you, he, she, they, him, her or them will be embraced, respected and appreciated.

There will be an Arts Zone, Leave Me Alone Zone, Eat-Drink-Play Zone, Dancing Zone etc. in the party. Let’s be the unique ME bravely with companionship in a space with varieties and choices.

《我們的背景音樂》工作坊  Our BGM Workshop

帶領嘉賓 Guest Facilitator:

黃愷弘Hugo Wong (音樂治療師 Music Therapist)


時間Time:2:00 - 4:00pm PM

對象Target:成年人 Adults

語言Language:粵語及英語 Cantonese and English

6. Hugo (24_12_2022).png

點解音樂可以咁觸動又或者點解可以咁悶?坊間有好多音樂聲稱可以紓壓、放鬆又係點樣嘅呢? 從五感的⾓度,我們有不同⽅式感受⾳樂,連接⾃⼰的感覺,發掘屬於自己的音樂。


Why does music touches us or make us feel bored?  There are also a lot of music that claims to help to relax/ release pressure, how does it work?  From our five senses, we feel music in different ways and find our own sound/ music. 

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