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【聊】•【癒】之夜:與傅珮嘉在藝術中相「癒」 @《當下即藝術·身心健康同樂日》 

Meeting Maggie Fu and Her Arts for Healing



觀眾對象Target Audience:公眾人士 General Public

語音Language:粵語 Cantonese

嘉賓Guest:創作歌手 傅珮嘉 Maggie Fu

主持Host:網上節目主持 文橋康 Vic Man

治療師Therapist :周文傑 Keith Chow (表達藝術治療師 Expressive Arts Therapist), 鄧智珊 Canna Tang (表達藝術治療師 Expressive Arts Therapist)

簡介Description : 創作歌手傅珮嘉 (Maggie) 的K場必唱大熱歌曲《絕》相信人人都識唱!Maggie 除了是位出色的歌手外,也是一位多元藝術家,她的曲、詞、散文、插畫等藝術創作相信都感動過不少朋友!今次【聊】•【癒】之夜,我們將會有機會了解到Maggie藝術創作背後的情感及故事,以及她的藝術療癒之旅! 當然還有現場提問環節,Maggie 又有什麼Tips給疫下的香港人Keep 住身心靈健康呢? 這是一次不容錯過的相「癒」! Meeting Hong Kong well known Singer-Songwriter, Artist, and Writer Maggie Fu in our live streaming session! Maggie will share her healing relationship with arts and the stories behind her arts creations. Under the pandemic, what would she suggest the Hong Konger do to maintain a healthy body and mind? Of course, there will be a Q and A section with Maggie! We will see you online on 30/4!


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