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Let’s Kick Off the Emotion-Discovery Journey!



直播活動參加者 Live Stream Participants:(對象:小學生 Primary Students )

觀眾對象Target Audience:兒童/親子 Childern/Parent-Child

語音Language:粵語 Cantonese

治療師 Therapist:蘇立怡 Zoe So (表達藝術治療師 Expressive Arts Therapist)






小小探索者 - 招募12位小朋友一起加入網上直播工作坊成為組員,即時與治療師和觀眾互動。 *每位小小探索者,可獲送上一套藝術物資包於直播時使用:畫紙、顏色筆、EasyCard。

Want your children to take part in an Online Emotion-Discovery Journey led by an Expressive Arts Therapist? Through the artistic process, let your children know how they feel, what their emotions are and they can experience the interaction and improvisation with the EXA therapist!

Children are welcome to watch the live broadcast of the online platform at home, participate in activities, leave messages and upload their creations to the platform!

*Reminder: Parents please prepare the following materials for children to make arts: A3 drawing paper and basic colors (oil pastels/crayons/color pencils)

《Special Add-On》Recruitment of broadcasting team members:

Little Explorers - We are inviting 12 children to join the live stream broadcasting workshop as group members, he/she will have the opportunity to interact with the EXA therapist and audience in real time.

*A set of art supplies will be prepared for each little explorer to use during the live broadcast: drawing paper, color set, and EasyCard.

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