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《出走錦田》表達藝術郊遊團“Run Away to Kam Tin" Expressive Arts Wonder in the Wild

HKEXAT X 比比書屋 (Bei Bei Book House)






治療師:Canna Tang


【日期時間】29/4/2023 (六) 11:00 - 16:00 ^

【地點】元朗錦田 (錦上路站集合)

【對象】成人 (無需藝術創作經驗)

【語言】廣東話 或英語(如有需要)


【費用】$380 *

【報名詳情】 + <報名連結>









Workshop Introduction:

Nature is our best buddy.

Nature is always there for us to provide unconditional support.

Nature is the safest, widest and the most peaceful container for our emotions.

Come with us! Reserve a day for yourself in the wild, together we taste the fresh crops, visit the lovely book house in the field, soak in the sunlight, enjoy every single step in words and greenery. Let’s make art in nature, and follow the flow of creativity to respond to the needs of your body and mind.

Take a deep breath, hear the birds sing, and give gentle care to yourself.

Therapist: Canna Tang

【Aim】To enjoy sunbathing, to embrace nature, to follow your heart and take good care of yourself.

【Date and Time】 29/4/2023 (Sat) 11:00-16:00 ^

【Target】 Adult (No art experience is required)

【Language】Cantonese or English



【Application】 + <Registration>

^Details of event will be provided to participants after application confirmation. Ramble in the suburb, visit to Bei Bei book house, arts creation and Farm-to-table lunch are included in the plan.

*After cost deduction, (e.g. venue and meal ) , the fee will be donated to the HKEXAT in support of its community services and people in needs.

+People with financial difficulties may contact us for arranging support accordingly

About Therapist:

One who believes that creation with genuineness results in the most beautiful arts.

Canna has been working in the field of performing arts as actor, choreographer, playwright and director for many years before starting her work in expressive arts therapy. Hence, Canna dedicated to adopt variety of art modalities especially performing arts to the intervention of education and psychotherapy, she provided expressive arts therapy services including both group therapy and individual therapy for a wide range of users, such as people with mood disorders or mental disorders, people with traumatic experiences, children with special education needs, youth with emotional disturbances and stress problems, people with intellectual disability, elderly with dementia, and cancer patients etc.


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