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性 /別小眾 表達藝術治療服務 : 免費個案/ 小組服務LGBTQ+ Expressive Arts Therapy Free Individual Case/ Group Service


•Sponsored by The Jebsen Group

香港表達藝術治療服務中心一直致力積極提供多元化的表達藝術治療服務,讓更多社會人士受惠。 我們相信所有人皆有獲得表達藝術治療服務的公平權利,不論貧富、階級、種族、主流或小眾,都應擁有同等機會獲得治療服務。 性/ 別小眾在日常生活中都會面對大小的壓力及困擾,有見及此,香港表達藝術治療服務中心在捷成集團的全力支持下,我們現在推出為性/ 別小眾社群而設的免費表達藝術治療一對一個案及小組服務。是次計劃的目標是讓參加者在非批判的治療空間裡,以藝術表達情感、認識自我及舒緩因生活各方面帶來的情緒壓力。 Hong Kong Expressive Arts Therapy Service Center (HKEXAT)’s vision is to create a world where everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status, ethnic or any form of disabilities, has equal opportunities to be benefited from expressive arts therapy. Sexual/ gender minorities may experience stress and struggles in everyday life, to address this need, with the full support from the Jebsen Group, HKEXAT is now providing free 1:1 individual case / group expressive arts therapy service to the LGBTQ+ community. We aim to provide a physical and mental safe place which fosters emotional expression, self-understanding and to relieve the stress from different sources of daily life via expressive arts.



地點:本中心 或 轉介機構會址



形式:個別表達藝術治療服務(一對一面見)或 小組表達藝術治療服務(自組4人小組)


治療師:本中心安排之表達藝術治療師 或 香港大學表達藝術治療碩士實習生







- 個別約見內容將絕對保密。

- 本中心在安排上保留最後決定權。


This Project is sponsored by The Jebsen Group.

Target: Sexual/ Gender Minorities

Location: HKEXAT or Referral Organisation

Date: To be arranged individually

Duration: 1 hour per session (Max. 4 sessions)

Service: Individual Therapy Service/ Group Therapy Service (Self-formed 4-ppl group)

Fee: Free of Charge

Therapist: Expressive Arts Therapist of HKEXAT or Trainee from HKU Master of Expressive Arts Therapy Program

Application and booking:


- All content revealed in the therapy session will be kept confidential.

- HKEXAT reserves all rights and the final decision in this event.

- Applicants are required to fill in questionnaire for the purpose of HKEXAT conducting Expressive Arts Therapy relevant academic research in the first and the last therapy session.

*In the event of inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail for all purposes. HKEXAT reserves the final decision in this event.


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