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“Our Poetic Emotion & Body” Self Care and Exploration Workshop




【帶領治療師簡介】 李慧莊 Janet Li 日期:12/12/2022 (星期一)



【對象】成人 (無需藝術創作經驗)


【名額】15 【報名連結】 【帶領治療師簡介】 李慧莊 Janet Li - 澳洲紐西蘭亞洲創意藝術治療協會註冊藝術 (表達藝術)治療師

- 註冊社會工作者 - 香港表達藝術治療協會專業會員

- 香港大學表達藝術治療碩士


Janet 為非牟利機構及學校提供小組及個案治療服務,主要對象包括情緒困擾及認知障礙症長者、精神病患者及康復者、智障人士、特殊學習需要及情緒困擾之兒童及青少年,及以上對象之家長及照顧者。Janet 擅長以視覺藝術及創意寫作融合各種藝術媒介進行治療工作,讓服務使用者從不同角度探索自身需要。Janet亦重視社區工作,冀望透過藝術連結社區人士,讓公眾認識藝術的療癒性、從藝術參與中感受自己的獨特性。

Workshop Description:

Our bodies and minds contain wisdom, waiting to be discovered.

In this workshop, let us explore the inner and body voices through the rhythm of the body, and turn them into verses.

Are you willing to listen to the messages from your body and emotions?

Therapist: Janet Li [Registered Arts Therapist (ANZACATA)]

Date:12/12/2022 (Mon)


【Aim】To explore and be aware of your physical and mental state

【Target】 Adult (No art experience is required)



【Registration Link】

About Therapist: Janet Li

"Believe art is a kind invitation to the connection to yourself and others."

Janet provides group and individual therapy services for non-profit organizations and schools. The main targets include the elderly with emotional distress and dementia, the mentally ill and the recovered, the intellectually disabled, children and adolescents with special learning needs and emotional distress, and parents of the above caregivers. Janet is good at combining visual art and creative writing with various art media for therapeutic work, allowing service users to explore their needs from different perspectives. Janet also devotes great efforts to community work, aiming to connect people in the community through art, to let the public understand the healing properties of art, and feel their own uniqueness through art participation.


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