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Sleep Well” Self-Care and Relaxation Workshop

你睡得好嗎? 緊張、擔憂等情緒往往是令我們失眠的原因,


治療師: #羅羽庭 (Fiona) 日期:30/1/2022 (星期一) 時間:19:00-20:30

【目的】覺察身心狀態及放鬆自己 【對象】成人 (無需藝術創作經驗) 【語言】廣東話 【名額】15 【報名連結】


1. 早前完成《足下》社區表達藝

術足印計劃 而又得到工作坊換領劵的朋友, 每張劵可免費換領一場工作坊,

2. 凡經活動報名連結:

並向香港表達藝術治療服務中心捐款滿$200, 即可報名參加一場工作坊

*名額有限, 先報先得, 額滿即止

Workshop Description:

How’s your sleep? Very often, feelings of worry and nervousness are part of the reasons for our bad sleep. If we could be aware of and compassionate about our emotions, our sleep quality might improve. In this workshop, we shall explore and take care of our body sensations and inner feelings. Let’s relax and hopefully have some good sleep.

Therapist: Fiona Law

Date:30/1/2023 (Mon) Time:19:00-20:30

【Aim】To be aware of the state of body and mind, and relax 【Target】 Adult (No art experience is required) 【Language】Cantonese 【Quota】15 【Registration Link】


1. Participants who have joined the “STEPS” Community Arts Footprint Program and got a Self-Care Workshop coupon, can join this workshop once for free

2. Register one workshop with making $200 or above donation for HKEXAT via the workshop registration link :

*Places are limited, first-come-first-served


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