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《茶與當下》- 表達藝術放鬆工作坊 "Tea, Here and Now" Expressive Arts Relaxation Workshop



*工作坊將提供各種茶包,包括零咖啡因的選擇,你亦可帶自己喜歡的茶來。 治療師: Derek Lum 【日期時間】28/5/2023 (星期日) 15:30-1700


【對象】成人 (無需藝術創作經驗)

【語言】廣東話 【名額】8人

【參與方法】捐款滿$200, 即可報名參加 *

【報名詳情】 <報名連結>





"Tea, Here and Now" Expressive Arts Relaxation Workshop

Watch the tea color slowly fade away; take a deep breath of tea fragrance; take a sip of tea flavor. Use tea powder to create tea powder paintings, feel the touch of tea powder between your fingers, and express your current feelings with sound/movement. Starting from tea, we shall open the five senses, focus on experience and creation, and relax your body and mind. No matter what the feeling of the moment is, we can express and share it through arts together.

*The workshop will provide a variety of tea bags, including decaffeinated options, and you can also bring your favorite tea.

【Date and time】28/5/2023 Sunday 15:30-1700

【Aim】Aware and express here-and-now feelings, relaxation

【Target】 Adult (No art experience is required)



*People with financial difficulties may contact us for arranging support accordingly

About Therapist:

I believe every expression deserves attention.

Derek is specialised at using multi-modal Expressive Arts Therapy approach, person-centred based psychotherapy. He provides service on emotional/mental health prevention, people with mental illness, chronic illness, special needs, needs of personal/interpersonal growth. He has provided Expressive Arts Therapy in the form of individual case and therapy groups, training and community arts projects for a number of institutions and organisations. He worked as an Expressive Arts Therapist in clinical research at the Centre on Behavioral Health of the University of Hong Kong, and participated in various academic research on arts and health as a researcher.


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