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#表達藝術同樂日Expressive Arts Fun Fair 2023 》

全力贊助 : #捷成集團 Sponsored by: The Jebsen Group 贊助單位:#海天堂 Other sponsor : Hoi Tin Tong

隨著疫情漸漸放緩,#香港表達藝術治療服務中心 將再次舉行與眾同樂的《#表達藝術同樂日2023》! 是次活動融合 #藝術創作#情緒教育 元素,旨在與社區人士以藝術同樂、同訴、同享受,抒發疫情以來的種種心情,在創作中尋找自己的生活步伐。表達藝術治療師及藝術工作者將帶領社區人士體驗以#藝術探索 及 #抒發情緒,提升自身的#情緒覺察力;連結社區人士表達支持與鼓勵,共同以藝術建立互愛的社區。任何社區人士均可免費參與。

日期: 二零二三年三月十八日 時間:下午二時半至五時半 地點:#黃大仙上邨 小舞台及羅馬廣場

As the pandemic gradually relieves, Hong Kong Expressive Arts Therapy Service Center will once again hold the "Expressive Arts Fun Fair 2023" for everyone in the community. Combining elements of arts creation and emotional education, we hope to share the joy and express our feelings together, also to find our own pace in life through creation.

Expressive arts therapists and artists will lead participants to explore and express emotions through arts and improve our emotional awareness. Moreover, to connect people in the community showing support and encouragement to each other. Together we can build a community of loving and caring for each other through arts. Everyone in the community can join for free.

Date: 18th March 2023 Time: 2:30-5:30 p.m. Venue: Upper Wong Tai Sin Estate - Stage and Plaza Roma


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