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表達藝術治療 : 疫下免費情緒支援服務〔計劃重啟〕Expressive Arts Therapy - Under-pandemic Free Emotional Support Service {Sc

表達藝術治療 : 疫下免費情緒支援服務〔計劃重啟〕Expressive Arts Therapy - Under-pandemic Free Emotional Support Service {Scheme Reopen}


本港的肺炎疫情反覆超過兩年,你我每日都面對大量挑戰,持續戴口罩、適應不斷變化的抗疫措施、追蹤居所的強檢消息、與親友隔離、失去日常放鬆減壓的活動、工作受影響甚至失業、面對家人或自身染疫的憂慮等等。相信不少社會大眾在此期間均飽受精神及經濟壓力,影響情緒及精神健康。 有見及此,本中心將重啟免費情緒支援服務2.0,推出更切合社會需要的疫下免費情緒支援服務,並將以網上支援小組形式進行,為更多因疫情而承受情緒困擾的大眾人士提供以表達藝術為媒介的小組支援服務。希望大家與我們一起多關注自己及身邊家人朋友的情緒狀態,如發現有任何焦慮、緊張、徹夜難眠、擔憂懼怕,或出現情緒低落等等的症狀者,請不要猶豫,及早求助。歡迎個人查詢或機構轉介,機構查詢或轉介請直接以電話或WhatsApp(67105947)與本中心職員聯絡。 無論前路是明是暗,我們和藝術都堅定地陪伴你前行。 《服務詳情》 對象:受肺炎疫情影響情緒的社會大眾人士(因疫情影響而面對經濟困難或失業人士優先) 地點:網上ZOOM平台 日期及時間*:(請於以下三個時段中選取) 時段一 27/3, 3/4 (日) 上午11:00-12:30 時段二 31/3 , 7/4 (四) 晚上9:00-10:30 時段三 2/4, 9/4 (六)下午2:30-4:00 (*小組將以開放式形式進行,參加者可自由選擇參與的節數及日期。) 費用:全免 小組物資:小組所需之基本藝術物資會由本中心提供,參加者可選擇在指定時間到本中心領取或提供地址由本中心安排以快遞到付方式寄出。 治療師:本中心安排之表達藝術治療師

備註事項: - 本中心及參加者須將小組分享內容絕對保密。 - 本中心在安排上保留最後決定權。 - 參加本計劃人士須填寫研究問卷以作本中心進行有關表達藝術治療的學術研究之用途。 如有任何查詢,歡迎FB Inbox 或 致電 或 WhatsApp(67105947)與本中心職員聯絡。 電郵: 網頁: IG/Facebook:@hkexat This Project is sponsored by The Jebsen Group. The pandemic in Hong Kong has been lasted for more than two years. All of us are facing a lot of challenges every day. Keep wearing masks, adapting to the ever-changing anti-pandemic measures, tracking the news of mandatory home inspections, isolating from relatives and friends, lost of daily leisure activities, unemployment or worries about family members or self-infection, etc. It is believed that many people have suffered from mental and economic pressure during this period, which is affecting their mental health. In response to the current situation, our center will reopen the Free Emotional Support Service 2.0, launching an Under-pandemic Emotional Support Service which is more suitable for social needs during the time. The format will be an online open group service. You can pay more attention to your own emotional state and that of your family and friends. If you notice any symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, worry, fear or depression, please seek help as soon as possible. Welcome any individual or referral to sign up, if you have any enquiries, please contact our staff by Call / WhatsApp (67105947). Whether the road ahead is bright or dark, we and art will walk along with you. <Service Details> Target: General Public who are suffered from the emotional distress and anxiety by the outbreak of COVID-19 (Individuals with financial hardship and unemployment issues priority) Location: Online ZOOM platform Date & Time*: (Please choose from the following 3 sessions) Session 1 - 27/3, 3/4 (Sun) 11:00am-12:30pm Session 2 - 31/3 , 7/4 (Thur) 9:00pm-10:30pm Session 3 - 2/4, 9/4 (Sat) 2:30pm-4:00pm (*Open group format, participants can choose any available dates / sessions) Fee: Free of Charge Materials: Our center will provide basic art materials that the group will need, participants can come to our center to pick up the art kit in particular time or by providing us your address for pay on delivery. Therapist: Expressive Arts Therapist of HKEXAT

Application and Booking:

Remarks: - All content revealed in the session will be kept confidential. - HKEXAT reserves all rights and the final decision in this event. - Applicants are required to fill in questionnaire for the purpose of HKEXAT conducting Expressive Arts Therapy relevant academic research. For general enquiries, please contact us by FB Inbox / 67105947 (Tel/WhatsApp). Email: Website: IG/Facebook:@hkexat


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