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快來加入「ExArteers 藝伴」 表達藝術義工隊!


對象: 對藝術有興趣, 喜歡與人互動, 樂於幫助別人
年齡: 16歲或以上 (未滿18歲人士需要簽署監護人同意書)

名額: 20位


活動計劃:  2022年11月 至 2023年6月

第一次兩小時培訓: 2022年11月26日 (星期六)

服務期: 2022年12月 至 2023年6月期間 

第二次兩小時培訓: 2023年6月 (實習期完結後)


Part 1
Includes 2 training sessions, participants will understand the basic application with different arts modalities and acquire skills of interacting with people in needs through the use of expressive arts classes and experiential activities. 



Part 2
Provides a chance for participants to join the internship, and to promote the connection between arts creation and body-mind-spirit to the general public with our Expressive arts therapist team.


Everyone who are 16 or above and interested in community art volunteer service are welcome to join!
We are looking forward to seeing you in the "ExArteers" volunteer team!


Target: People who are interested in art, like to interact with people and helpful 
Age: 16 or above (Participants under the age of 18 have to submit the signed guardian consent form)

Quota: 20



Training Session 1: 26 Nov 2021 (Sat) 4:30pm-6:30pm

Service: Dec 2022 - June 2023

Training Session 2: June 2023 (After Service)

義工完成2次培訓及 40 小時服務時數後,可獲得義工培訓證書乙張



*Volunteers who have attended for the 2 training sessions and 40 hours service will get a participation certificate

*This volunteer training program is led and supervised by the HKEXAT expressive arts therapists

*This program includes evaluation questionnaires. The data will be kept confidential and for internal use only

報名截止日期 Application Deadline:  6/11/2022

更多資訊 More Information IG @hkexat FB @hkexat      查詢 Enquiry  6710 5947 ;

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Q: 請問義工培訓有沒有要求固定的服務日期及時間?

Does this volunteer training require fixed service dates and time?


A: 義工們必須能出席26/11/2022的第一次培訓工作坊;而40小時的服務時數則可有彈性地安排和調配 。第二次培訓會定於2023年6月服務期後,日子將於屆時與義工們協商決定。如能在計劃期內完成指定時數及培訓,義工將會獲發是次計劃的證書。


The 1st training workshop on the 26th November 2022 is mandatory for all the volunteers to attend. While the 40 service hours would be flexible to arrange duties. The 2nd training is scheduled after the service period in June 2023 and the date will be decided together with the ExArteer team. Certificates will be issued for the volunteers who completed the required service hours and training sessions within the program period.



Q: 請問義工服務包含了什麼藝術媒介?如果我完全沒有相關專業的藝術經驗可以報名嗎?

What kind of art forms will be included in the volunteer service? Can I apply for this program if I don’t have any professional arts experiences?


A: 表達藝術中主要包含了視覺藝術、音樂、戲劇、舞動和文字創作。是次義工培訓計劃中,義工有機會與表達藝術治療師們共同親身走進社區應用多元藝術元素。只要你對藝術有興趣,而希望可以體驗以藝術與人互動,就可以考慮報名😊

There are five major art forms in Expressive Arts, including Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Dance and Creative Writing. In this program, when participating in community arts events with our Expressive arts therapist team, you will have more chances to experience multiple art forms. 

If you are interested in arts and eager to interact with the general public in arts, you are welcome to join this program 😊


Q: 請問下義工培訓活動是否會有面試? 何時會通知是否入選?

Will there be an interview for the volunteer training program? When will I be notified if I am selected?


A: 是次活動暫時未有面試的安排。因為名額有限,若報名反應熱烈,本中心將會根據報名人士所提供的資料作內部遴選,並會於11月中,以電郵公佈結果😊

There is no interview arrangement for this program. Due to the limited quotas, HKEXAT will have an internal selection based on the information provided by the applicants, and will announce the results by email in mid-November😊


Q: 如果今年未能成功入選參與義工培訓,你們將來會繼續有類似的計劃嗎?

If I am not successful in the volunteer training program this year, will HKEXAT have similar projects in the future?


A: 會。本中心下年將會有類似的義工培訓計劃,所以今年未能入選也不用灰心❤️留意我們的FB & IG,會陸續有不同活動的更新,可以第一時間收到最新消息!

Yes. Our center will have a similar volunteer training program next year, so don’t be worried if you are not being selected this year ❤️ Stay tuned to our FB & IG, there will be updates on different upcoming activities, and you can receive the latest news!

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