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本機構之表達藝術治療師均完成香港大學表達藝術治療碩士課程,並為獲得澳洲、紐西蘭及亞洲創意藝術治療協會(ANZACATA) 註冊制度認可之註冊藝術(表達藝術)治療師。表達藝術治療師們致力為大眾提供合適的表達藝術治療服務,以提升大眾的身、心、靈健康為己任,並推動本地之表達藝術治療發展。

All of our therapists have completed the Master program of Expressive Arts Therapy at the University of Hong Kong, and have recognized as Registered Arts Therapist by the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association (ANZACATA). We aim to provide professional and suitable psychotherapy services to the public, to facilitate public health in body- mind-spirit, and to promote Expressive Arts Therapy locally.


Zoe SO.jpg

Ms. ZOE SO, L.Y.

香港表達藝術治療服務中心創辦人  HKEXAT Founder
社區教育總監 Community Education Director 

註冊藝術(表達藝術)治療師 (ANZACATA)
Registered Arts Therapist, AThR

表達藝術治療師 Expressive Arts Therapist
External Affairs Coordinator of
HKU Master of Expressive Arts Therapy Alumni Association

International Expressive Arts Therapy Association
HKU New Professional Representative

Professional Member of
Expressive Arts Therapy Association of Hong Kong 

Master of Expressive Arts Therapy (University of Hong Kong)
香港理工大學設計學(榮譽)文學士  (主修視覺傳達)
Bachelor of Art in Design - Visual Communication
(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)


Zoe 主要為非牟利機構和學校提供個人及小組治療服務,其中包括:特殊學習需要、創傷後遺症、焦慮症、社交困難、適應困難之兒童;情緒及壓力問題困擾之青少年及成人。同時,在家庭服務方面,亦提供改善家庭關係/親子關係/夫妻關係等範疇;在培訓方面,亦為社工、義工、教師及職場人士等,提供自我關顧、紓壓調適、個人成長及增值培訓等。

Zoe 擅長以視覺藝術作為主要的藝術媒介,在表達藝術治療過程中,會因應需要加入音樂、舞動、戲劇以及文字等的藝術作轉換,讓服務使用者在多元藝術運用的過程中,有更多方面的探索和體驗。


Zoe has been working in various NGOs, schools and colleges, providing individual and group therapy, workshops and trainings. 

Her major clienteles are: children with Special Educational Needs, Trauma, Anxiety, Social/Interpersonal Difficulties, Adaptation Difficulties ; teenagers or adults with Stress/Emotional Disturbances, and relationship issues (Family, Parents-Child, Couples, etc.). Zoe also provides Expressive arts related training, self-care, personal growth and stress-release workshops for health care professionals, Volunteers and Teachers.

Visual Arts is Zoe’s favourite art form. In the Expressive Arts Therapy, she uses intermodal arts by integrating Visual Arts with music, dance & movements, drama and creative writing to facilitate the therapeutic process.

Zoe has more than 5 years experience working as Expressive Arts Therapist and she was an art director and art educator as her previous careers, which facilitates her to adopt expressive arts into related academic research and studies, psychotherapy, education, community culture and life.

Reading art books is one of
Zoe’s childhood favourite,
while exploring symbols in
arts enlighten her life journey .
She believes a non-judgemental
arts creation space is a place for
everyone to be the true self.

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