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本機構之表達藝術治療師均完成香港大學表達藝術治療碩士課程,並為獲得澳洲、紐西蘭及亞洲創意藝術治療協會(ANZACATA) 註冊制度認可之註冊藝術(表達藝術)治療師。表達藝術治療師們致力為大眾提供合適的表達藝術治療服務,以提升大眾的身、心、靈健康為己任,並推動本地之表達藝術治療發展。

All of our therapists have completed the Master program of Expressive Arts Therapy at the University of Hong Kong, and have recognized as Registered Arts Therapist by the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association (ANZACATA). We aim to provide professional and suitable psychotherapy services to the public, to facilitate public health in body- mind-spirit, and to promote Expressive Arts Therapy locally.


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Ms. Zoe So, L.Y.

HKEXAT Founder
Community Education Director

Registered Arts Therapist

Zoe 具七年以上臨床表達藝術治療經驗,主要為兒童、青少年、成人、家庭等群組提供服務。她擅長以視覺藝術作為主要的藝術媒介,在治療過程中會因應需要加入音樂、舞動、戲劇以及文字等的藝術作轉換,讓服務使用者在多元藝術運用的過程中,有更多方面的情緒表達及探索內在資源,而得到療癒。


除了提供臨床心理治療服務外,Zoe 亦為大專客席講師及藝術策展人。她致力於社區各階層推廣以表達藝術作為身心靈保健、情緒教育及心理治療等各範疇,於機構、企業、院校、院舍等提供情緒支援、督導、培訓及心理保健服務。


Zoe has over 7 years' experience in providing expressive arts therapy in a clinical setting. She works with individuals across the life span, including children, teenagers, adults and families. She specialises in visual arts as the major art form and adds music, dance & movement, drama, and creative writing where necessary to enable service users to express emotions and explore their inner resources while using intermodal arts to facilitate healing.  


Zoe not only provides clinical treatment services, but also works as Guest Lecturer of colleges and universities. Meanwhile, she delivers training and supervision to fellow professionals in the education and social services sectors who show an interest in expressive arts. And provides mental healthcare service to corporations, organisations, hospitals, colleges etc. Her aim is to encourage the use of expressive arts for the betterment and support of communities, education, and therapy across multiple levels.

專業認證 Professional Credential

註冊藝術(表達藝術)治療師 (澳紐亞)

Registered Arts Therapist (ANZACATA)

藝術治療師 (加拿大)

Art Therapist (CATA) 



Professional Registered Member of The Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association (ANZACATA)



Professional Member of Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA)


Professional Member of Expressive Arts Therapy Association of Hong Kong (EATAHK) 

學歷 Academic Qualification


Master of Expressive Arts Therapy (HKU)

香港理工大學設計學(榮譽)文學士  (主修視覺傳達)

Bachelor of Art in Design - Visual Communication (HKPU)


表達藝術治療服務 Expressive Arts Therapy Service


Case, Group, Workshop, Training and Supervision

臨床經驗 Clinical Experience 

*主要服務群組 Main Service Group : 


Children, Teenagers, Adults, Family


*主要範疇 Main Service Scope : 


Special Educational Needs, Social Difficulties, Adjustment Difficulties, Emotional Disturbances, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Parent-Child Relationships, Love Relationships, Self-Care, Stress Relief and Personal Growth, etc.

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