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Week 4   ( 01/2023)


“We Together” Parent Adult-Child Workshop

治療師Therapist :
羅羽庭 Fiona Law (表達藝術治療師 Expressive Arts Therapist)


日期Date: 7/1/2023 (六)

時間Time: 4:00 - 6:00 PM

對象Target:成人親子 Parent and Adult-Child (5對, 子女年齡為18歲或以上)

語言Language:粵語 Cantonese 

7) Fiona (7_1_2023).png

小時候,父母帶著我們去上興趣班。現在長大了,何不帶父母去參加活動呢? 工作坊讓成人子女與父母在身體舞動和視覺藝術中輕鬆互動,用全新角度對彼此加深了解,享受另類親子時光,留下特別的回憶。


When we were young, our parents took us to classes. As we have grown up, why don’t we take our parents to join some activities? The workshop welcomes adult-children to have fun with parents through body movement and visual art. It would be a special moment to be spent together.

《同天空 • 表達藝術 》溫暖共融夜 

We Are All The SAME • Expressive Arts • Warm Healing Night 


周文傑 Keith Chow (表達藝術治


療師 Expressive Arts




日期Date:8/1/2022  (日) 

時間Time:7:00 - 9:00 PM 

對象Target:性小眾 Sexual minority (15名)

語言Language:粵語及英語 Cantonese and English


8) Keith (8_1_2023).png

我們都是這樣長大的,一齊來創造屬於我們溫暖共融的同天空。本工作坊將融合多種表達藝術元素,讓性小眾在身心安全的環境下以藝術盛載情緒、探索自我 及 表達感受。

We are all the Same, Living under the same sky.  Let us create a safe and harmonious environment for self- exploration and expression through various arts forms. Join us to build a STRONGER community! Create a loving life journey TOGETHER! 

《練習失敗》雜耍 X 表達藝術工作坊

“Practice To Fail” Juggling Art X Expressive Arts Workshop 

藝術家Artist:黃浩然 Charles Huang(本地雜耍藝人 Local Juggling Artist)

治療師Therapist :鄧智珊 Canna Tang (表達藝術治療師 Expressive Arts Therapist)

日期Date:9/1/2022 (一)

時間Time:7:00 - 9:00 PM  (2-HOUR)

對象Target:成年人 Adults (15名)

語言Language:粵語 Cantonese

9) Charles _ Canna (9_1_2023).png




“Everyone has their own way of art expression, and juggling is my medium.” said by Charles Huang, the juggling artist.

Speaking of juggling, Charles was always being asked the following questions, “How many balls at most you can throw at once?” or “What is the most difficult technique that you can do?” Juggling is a high-skill-high-sensitivity art form, there’s no doubt Charles must have been through so many times of failure before getting where he is right now. Perhaps, the beauty of juggling lies not only in its accomplishment but also the mentality the juggling artist owns when he faces endless failure throughout the process. 

Together in this workshop we can have a trial on juggling arts, as well as the journey accompanying “failure”. When failure is what we expect, will it really cause the pain? Or is there anything new awaiting in the next corner? 

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