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表達藝術治療問與答 ExAT Q&A


How art therapy, dance/movement therapy, and music therapy differs from Expressive Arts Therapy?



These are all examples of creative arts therapy. Most of these disciplines find grounding in a single art modality, but expressive arts therapy differs in that its practitioners draw from many art forms and apply them to therapy in an integrated fashion. Expressive arts therapists find their grounding not in a particular art form, but rather in a theoretical orientation rooted in what all the arts have in common. The use of or combination of different arts-based modalities thus becomes itself a new modality separate and distinct from the sum of its parts. Expressive Arts Therapists call upon their own creativity and training with arts-based approaches to determine which modality or combination of modalities is needed in any given moment in time.


Who can do expressive arts therapy?

任何人都可以創造藝術,藝術結合治療的方式亦有很多種;即使沒有專業人士支援,投入藝術創作本身亦具有治癒作用,人能夠透過藝術教育提升自我意識,部份輔導員亦將藝術融入其工作之中。但只有曾接受過表達藝術治療專業訓練的人才能稱其工作為表達藝術治療。專業的訓練不只令治療師能使用不同的藝術媒介來提升服務對象的自我表達,亦令治療師能調整美感的判斷、therapeutic presence,並令治療師有效地帶領服務對象安全而具意義地經歷整個治療過程。

Anyone can do art, and there are many ways in which the arts enter into therapy and personal healing; engaging in art with no professional support at all can still be therapeutic, people can increase their

self-awareness through art education, and some counselors incorporate creative approaches in their practices. However, only those trained in expressive arts therapy can call their work expressive arts therapy. Training offers focused attention and skill-building not only in how to use various art forms for self-expression, but also in fine-tuning aesthetic judgment, therapeutic presence, and the ability to guide people safely and meaningfully through processes that can be intense and powerful.


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