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任何時刻都是自我關顧的好時機。抓緊疫情暫見放緩的夏天尾巴,香港表達藝術治療服務中心聯同一眾藝術界好友為大家帶來《Be together 表達藝術與身心靈健康文化節2021》,讓大家體驗新奇、好玩、治癒的藝術活動。


今年《表達藝術與身心靈健康文化節》將於8月14日至9月12日在本中心新蒲崗會址舉行,主題為Be together,讓大眾在經歷隔離與距離後重新凝聚「在一起」,同時透過藝術讓身心靈連結「在一起」。屆時會由表達藝術治療師為親子、青少年、患自閉症的學童、性小眾、成人帶來關顧情緒健康的藝術活動。而不同藝術範疇的專業導師及治療師也會為大家帶來音樂意象、舞踏、瑜伽、版畫、和諧粉彩、民眾戲劇及社區音樂等藝術體驗。



Self care is always our priority. Are you ready for something relaxing and healing? Here is your chance! HKEXAT will collaborate with artist folks to bring you “Be Together Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Expressive Arts Cultural Festival 2021”. 


This year “Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Expressive Arts Cultural Festival” will be held from 14th August to 12th September in San Po Kong. The theme, Be Together, is chosen in the hope of unifying individuals after such prolonged period of disconnection. Not only could we reconnect physically, but we also restore our inner balance. Join our expressive arts therapists to explore the way of maintaining healthy emotions through different arts creations. More to that, you could also experience music imagery, Botoh, Yoga, printmaking, Nagomi Pastel Art, People’s Theatre & community music prepared by professional artists and therapists from various art categories. 


We welcome parent-child, youth, children with autism, sexual minorities, adults, literally anyone.

And it is FREE! Let’s chill and feel!

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More Information

IG: @hkexat
FB: @hkexat 

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