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成人 $100

全日制學生 $80

殘疾人士/長者 $20

Each workshop requires a charity ticket. All donations will be used for HKEXAT community programmes. The ticket price is as below:


Adult $100

Full-time Student $80

Disability/Elderly $20


藝術係我哋嘅好夥伴,不論你處於生命中邊個狀態、邊個階段,不論你感到獨單、寂寞抑或凍⋯⋯藝術創作都可以畀我哋一個情緒出口,為生活找尋新嘅角度。事隔一年半,由香港表達藝術治療服務中心主辦嘅《Be Together 身心靈健康冬日文化節 2022-2023》終於返嚟啦!我們將聯同一眾藝術文化界嘅好友們為大家帶來新奇、好玩、治癒嘅藝術活動,再次於藝術中陪伴大家過聖誕、迎新年!!!


今年的《身心靈健康文化節》首次推出冬日特別版,冬日文化節將於2022年12月16日至2023年1月15日在本中心新蒲崗會址舉行,延續去年Be Together的主題,今年的文化節將繼續透過藝術連結身心靈,在充滿未知和不安的社會環境中,讓藝術帶引我們凝聚「在一起」。冬日文化節會由表達藝術治療師為不同群組參加者,包括親子、青少年、家庭、性小眾、成人、單身人士和準備離港的港人等,帶來關顧情緒健康的表達藝術工作坊。屆時更會聯同不同藝術範疇的專業導師及治療師也會為大家帶來各種形式和主題的雜耍藝術、零壓舞動、ExArtOTheate創作體驗、香港回憶藝術創作、身體打擊樂、視覺藝術及文字創作等藝術體驗。



Arts are our good buddies, no matter what stages or conditions you are in. Arts creation can always give us a way out when we are feeling lonely and having a new taste of life. After a year and a half, are you ready for something relaxing and healing? Here is your chance! HKEXAT “Be Together Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Winter Cultural Festival 2022-2023” is coming back! We will collaborate with artist folks to bring you interesting and healing arts activities through Christmas and New Year.


This year, “Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Winter Cultural Festival” first launched the winter special edition,  and will be held from 16th December 2022 to 15th January 2023 in San Po Kong, HKEXAT centre. The theme, Be Together, is chosen in the hope of unifying individuals after such prolonged period of disconnection. Not only could we reconnect physically, but we also restore our inner balance. Join our expressive arts therapists to explore the way of maintaining healthy emotions through different arts creations. More to that, you could also experience juggling art, stress-free dance & movement, ExArtOTheatre, Hong Kong memory arts creation, body percussion, visual art & word creation prepared by professional artists and therapists from various art categories. 


We welcome parent-child, youth, family, sexual minorities, adults and Hongkongers who will leave Hong Kong, literally anyone. 


No matter what the weather is, as long as we are together, it is a beautiful festival! We will also hold a Christmas Art Party during the Winter Cultural Festival!!!


Let’s chill and feel!

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九龍新蒲崗五芳街10號新寶中心10樓06-07室Rooms No. 6 & 7, 10/F, New Treasure Centre, 10 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong

67105947 / 91702055

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