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“PRESENT” Expressive Arts Annual Exhibition* Open Call for Exhibition*

*This project is organised by Hong Kong Expressive Arts Therapy Service Center | sponsored by The Jebsen Group.

Every present moment will become the past

Every present feelings are a part of your life

Have you pay attention to your "here and now"? 🤍

We invite you to feel your emotions for this moment

And turns them into colours, sound, visual or movement

Let your emotions flow with your heart, let emotions be seen, heard, and felt

And let it goes back to your heart

Feeling the others' "present" moments through their artworks

🎨 Open Call for Exhibition

🎬🙆🏻‍♂️We invite all of you to turn your emotions into a piece of artwork 🩰

☀️ The form of the artwork has no limitation

(Visual art, Music, Dance & Movement, Drama & Creative writing)

☀️ Exhibition Period:12/6/2022 - 25/6/2022

☀️ Collection Deadline:31/5/2022

☀️ Form of the artwork :Physical artwork / video / audio etc.

☀️ Target:General public who are interested to turn your emotions into artwork

☀️Exhibition Location: HKEXAT new center (located in San Po Kong)

☀️ Fee:Free of charge

🌥 File size / maximum length of the video/audio:

🌩 Physical Artwork:

- Two dimensions: Not smaller than 15cm x 15cm, and not bigger than 45cm x 45cm

- Three dimensions: Not smaller than 15cm x 15cm x 15cm, not bigger than 45cm x 45cm x 45cm

🌩 Non-physical Artwork: —File Size within 1GB, if you cannot upload due to the large file size, please contact 67105947 for further arrangement, video/audio length has no limitations (Please use the video online compressing software if needed)

*Registration is required, participants who have physical artworks will need to hand in the piece to HKEXAT in particular time slot.


- HKEXAT will send an email to all applicants for confirmation

- HKEXAT will try the best to keep the original form for the artwork during the exhibition

- HKEXAT reserves the rights of final decision

If there are any questions, please contact our staff by Email / Inbox / call or WhatsApp (67105947).




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