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《夏日涼意》- 水球塗鴉工作坊 "Summer Coolness" - Painting Workshop with Water Balloon

工作坊簡介: 炎夏中讓我們以水為伴,在把玩水球的過程中照顧自己身體的不同部分,包括軀幹四肢、五臟六腑,從外到內聆聽身體的聲音。工作坊會讓參加者透過與水球互動和顏料創作抒發感受及回應內在需要,讓不同的情緒化為圖像,作為這個夏天送給自己的禮物。

治療師: Fiona Law 【目標】 透過觸感聆聽自己,以顏色抒發感受。 【日期時間】29/8/2023 (星期二) 19:00-20:30 【地點】香港表達藝術治療服務中心(鑽石山站A2出口) 【對象】成人 (無需藝術創作經驗) 【語言】廣東話 / 英語 【名額】8人 【報名詳情】 <報名連結> *面對經濟困難人士,可與本中心聯絡,我們會就個別情況提供支援。

Workshop Introduction: In the hot summer, let us have water be our company. As we play with water balloons, we take care of different parts of our body – our torso, limbs and organs – and we listen deeply to our body’s voice from outside to inside. The workshop will allow participants to release feelings and address inner needs by interacting with water balloons and paints. The beauty of transforming emotions into images will be a nice summer gift for ourselves.

Therapist: Fiona Law 【Aim】 Listen to inner voice by touch, express feelings with colours. 【Date and time】29/8/2023 (Tuesday) 19:00-20:30 【Target】 Adult (No art experience is required) 【Language】Cantonese/English 【Quota】8 <Registration> *People with financial difficulties may contact us for arranging support accordingly


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